300 Schools Not Yet Submitted Vaccination-Exemption Data


The rapid increase in measles cases compels government authorities to form new rules for parents who opt not to vaccinate their children.

As per the latest report of Washington Health officials, current immunization-exemption rates in schools are much lower as compared to the required rate.

The data of state department of Health informs that there are approximately 100 government schools and 200 private schools in the state. The half of the private schools runs with the money of taxpayers.

The majority of the schools are unable to present accurate figures of unvaccinated children. The concerned authorities have asked for the exact number of children who exempt from vaccination due to any reason.

Iva Burks, director of health and human service at Clallam County, discussed the importance of schools’ vaccination reports. He informs that information plays an integral part in the designing of new policies. It is difficult for government to fight against measles without latest data.

On the other hand, the high officials of schools claim that they have already put forward the data.

The government health agency has given a new deadline for the submission of number of unvaccinated students.

Currently, Washington State has the lowest exemption rate. All the students enrolled in 123 schools are vaccinated.

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