DARPA Develops an Incredible Search Engine to Catch Criminals


U.S Defense researchers have developed a new search engine for the dark web. The main objective of the search engine is to unveil new patterns to track all the illegal internet activities.

A large number of People are unaware of the fact that current search engines merely cover 10 percent of the entire internet. The rest of the 90 percent of the World Wide Web is still in dark

Hence, the law and enforcement agency was working on the project since last year.  17 different internet firms, such as Google and Bing, were involved in this venture. They called the new project Memex.

Dr. Chris White, the program manager for Memex, discussed the performance of new search engine in detail. He states that the chief goal of the researcher is to develop one massive search engine for everything.

Therefore, Memex will get information from thousands of ‘ignored’ web pages. Generally, commercial search engines disregard numerous web pages due to ranking and rating. Such kind of websites can be only viewed through TOR browser. The majority of these sites are used for unlawful acts such as sell and purchase of drugs.

Emily Kennedy, CEO of Marinus Analytics, states that this type of technologies can be utilized to expose criminal activities such as fraud.

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