Experts: Get Out of Your Comfort Zone to Make High Intensity Interval Training More Effective


A latest research shows that High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is more effective when the person goes out of his comfort zones.

High intensity interval training consists of short bursts of intensive activity. It is entirely based upon a series of different exercises such as lower levels of work outs and other intense exercises. The exercise shows result relatively faster than the ordinary exercises. It burn calories and reduce fat in an incredibly short time period.

Seam Bartram, the author of the famous book “High Intensity Interval Training for Women” states the best way to get the most out of the exercise. She states that practitioner should keep his body at the most uncomfortable place.

Michele Olson, a professor of Auburn University talked about the best manner to perform the exercise. He states that people who practice Hiit should try to increase their heartbeats to 90 percent of maximum rate. Keeping heart rates at maximum 75 to 85 percent during the exercise is not that much effective.

Olson also reported the easiest way to measure the heart rate of a person. He informs calculate the person’s age and subtract it from 220 in order to get the accurate heart rate of a person. .

As per the latest report of The American Association of Retired Persons, seniors should also carry out high intensity interval training for perfect health.

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