Health Experts: It’s Time to Take a Stance Against Hesitant Parents


When a measles outbreak, linked to The Disneyland Resorts, overtook the nation uproar was created within the ranks of Capitol Hill and other state legislatures. Many states have seen the results of not vaccinating children and have decided that it is now time to take action: a crackdown on parents who refuse to vaccinate their offspring.

Californian democrats are introducing legislation this week that would require a child to be vaccinated before they were allowed to enter school grounds, unless a valid medical reason is provided. This would see a drastic change being implemented as the bill as it stands would not allow for religious exemptions. California, along with 19 other states, takes into account personal belief exemptions and this change would see a drastic upheaval.

Although this seems like a positive step forward, many experts studying the issue fear that such a hard line approach could result in a negative backlash. King County public-health officials and Governor Jay Inslee are supporting a final-round bill that would obliterate the personal-belief exemption Washington has placed within the school vaccination legislation. This, however, would leave religious and medical exemptions in place, placating many southern voters. Republican June Robinson, mused on the current practice “just makes it too easy” for parents to not correctly immunise their children.

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