Leaked Images Show Microsoft ‘Work Assistant’ Is A Cortana Upgrade


Microsoft is developing a new application for running Windows Phone OS particularly intended to help individuals better utilize MS Office on cell phones.

Dubbed “Work Assistant”, the application is an enhanced version of Cortana, Microsoft’s digital assistant. It uses voice commands and a client can ask it for more data about anything needing to do with MS Office.

Rumors persevere Cortana. It may soon be incorporated into Office applications and that it may not be just for cell phones but also for desktop device. This January, Microsoft flaunted Cortana’s ability for to do things just by having a person use his voice to command Cortana.

Work Assistant is a private internal beta, though. It’s 2 MB in size works on gadgets that run Windows Phone version 8.1.

To work, it obliges information on clients’ appointments, contacts, Internet connection and microphone. Media reports said the Work Assistant application is being created by Microsoft’s Digital Life + Work group.

What has gotten most attention about this forthcoming application is that Bill Gates seems to be involved in this venture.

In a late Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) session, Gates conceded he was helping Microsoft work on a new Personal Agent project however didn’t offer details. It’s now broadly held this Personal Agent venture is in fact Work Assistant.

Gates said Personal Agent will remember everything and help a user go back and find things. It’ll also help you pick what things to pay attention to.

“The idea that you have to find applications and pick them and they each are trying to tell you what is new is just not the efficient model — the agent will help solve this. It will work across all your devices”, Gates said.

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