NASA Releases Two Spectacular Videos of Solar Flares


On Wednesday, NASA celebrated fifth anniversary of the Solar Dynamics Observatory. The government space agency released two spectacular videos to show the influence of sun on Earth.

Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) was launched on 5th February 2010. The main objective of the mission is to completely understand the affect of sun on Earth.  The primary function of the spacecraft is to keep a close eye on sun. Thus far, the semi-autonomous spacecraft observed numerous significant features of sun. Last year, it spotted one of the biggest sun spot, solar flares and burst of light.

The fist video of NASA shows all the major things that occurred during the mission. It demonstrates filament of solar materials released from the surface of sun.  In video, scientists represented cold materials with dark colors.  In contrast, the hot things are displayed with the help of light colours.

In comparison, the second video unveils a time lapse that begins from June 2010 and ends on 10 February 2015. Scientists utilized different colours in order to show every wavelength.

Scientists used images of Solar Dynamics Observatory and numerous computer programs for the creation of this video.  Generally, such kinds of programs translate data from binary code into black and white images.

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