NOPE: War Against Prescription Drug Abuse


Narcotics Overdose Prevention and Education (NOPE) is a group of different non-profit organizations with the aim to fight with prescription drug abuse in students. They arranged a program for 500 Dowingtown High school students. The primary goal of the program is to inform students of the fallout of an opiate overdose.

The organization played a ten minutes long video of a mother whose child died due to a prescription overdose. The video shows how the parents, siblings, family, and friends of the child suffered after his death.

As per the latest report of the Center of Disease Control and Prevention, last year around 16,000 people died due to opiate overdoses. The rate of overdoses is relatively 50 percent higher as compared to all the previous records.  Hence, new regulation is implemented to cut the rate of fatal heroin outburst.

Michael Senn, a student at the school, expressed remorse after viewing the video as the other child was the same age as him. He was really touched and affected by the video.

According to psychologists, programs similar to NOPE’s video leaves a greater impact on the minds of students than any other attempts at prevention.  They inform students how to identify the symptoms of a drug overdose and how to deal with it efficiently. Moreover, the program notifies viewers that these prescription drugs are only safe if used as a doctor has prescribed.

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