Pepper And Watson Together- Become More Efficient


Recently, SoftBank announced that it would integrate an artificial intelligence technology into a robot.  The Japanese telecommunication and internet firm will work together with IBM for this purpose.

The two companies has decided to integrate their most famous creations together; Watson with Pepper. Watson is an artificial cognitive system that improves human skills.  The main purpose of the device is to help doctors in the treatment of cancer patients. Thus far, the device has been installed in numerous US hospitals.

Steve Gold, Vice President of IBM Watson Group, discussed the use of Watson in detail. He informs that experts are presently using the computer system in numerous different fields of life such as travel and insurance services.

In comparison, Pepper is a talking household machine that incorporates numerous technologies. Softbank launched the innovative machine in 2014.

However, the firms have not yet unveiled their future plans in details. People are still unaware how the companies would utilize the two things.

As per the latest blog post of Softbank, the firm intends to release Watson in Japan soon. The chief objective of the company is to utilize it in arena like education, retail, medicines and banking. For example, the device can answer question related to any drug or treatment.

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