Report: Russian Volcano Eruption Responsible for Mysterious Ash Rain


A few weeks ago residents of Oregon and Washington observed a strange milky rain.  As per the reports, the rain contains equal quantity of water and ashes.

The officials of Washington and Oregon gathered samples of mysterious ash like rain fall for analysis. They are trying hard to determine the origin and reason of the ashes.  Recently, a group of scientists come up with a theory that a Russian volcano is responsible for such kind of strange rain.

Shiveluch volcano is situated at Kamchatka Krai in Russia. It is considered as one of the hyperactive volcanoes of the world.  On the 26th of January, a large quantity of ash plumes erupted from the volcano. Afterwards, the ash covered majority of the regions of Oregon and Washington.

Therefore, the concerned authorities suppose that global wind currents carried the ash plumes from the north-eastern Russia. Ashes have the ability to travel long distance through wind current. They can even effortlessly cross the whole continent in a very short time period.

Nevertheless, there could be numerous other reasons behind the strange ash rainfall.  There are several other volcanoes that can be blamed for such rain.

Derek Vandam, a meteorologist at CNN discussed other possibilities of unusual rain.  He informs that a volcano expulsion in Colmia is second major suspect of the researchers. The particular volcano is located approximately 2,000 miles from the North and Central America.

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