Researchers Discover “Heat Tolerant” Beans to Beat Global Warming

heat tolerant beans

As per the predictions of climatologists, climate change may lead to mass migration and extreme starvation. It can set off hunger and poverty.

In January, Barrack Obama talked about the consequences of climate change. He warned that Earth would probably become 2 to 4 degree warmer in 2050. Such a high temperature will certainly affect agricultural conditions of several countries.

It seems like researchers at the International Center for Tropical Agriculture found a key to avoid starvation.  Since last two years, they have been performing numerous experiments on different beans. The main aim of the research is search for beans that can easily grow in poor condition.

During the study, researchers came across a wide variety of beans that can survive in high night temperature.  These beans have the potential to become major source of food for countries in 2050.

Researchers discovered 30 beans that can easily bear hot temperature. Some of these beans are White, Kidney, Pinto and Black beans.

Stephen Beebe, the main author of the research, discussed the study in detail. He reported that common beans usually develop from high altitudes. Therefore, the warming world would likely affect major source of vitamins and protein.

The next move is to deliver these beans in countries that are at risk of warm climate.

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