Samsung Smart T.V Records All Your Conversations


Samsung Smart T.V will record each and every living room conversation. The new policy of Samsung reveals that video recognition technology of smart T.V records conversations.

The policy evidently says that customers should be careful about their confidential and personal conversation.  Samsung has decided to pass on all the spoken information to third party.

It is essential for the smart T.V to interpret speech in order to respond to voice commands. As per the new policy, the firm will also record and transfer data to third party software developers.

However, Samsung completely refused to reveal the name of the software company. The South Korean firm says that it has an objective behind this step. The company intends to improve the performance of their T.Vs through this feature. However, users can effortlessly turn it off by a small step.

Additionally, the firm informed media outlets that the privacy of its customers is one of its major concerns. Hence, it will ensure that software firm would not use personal information for illegal purposes.

Samsung is not the first company which incorporated such things in its devices. Earlier, LG launched a smart T.V that records consumer habits.  The most noteworthy thing was that LG had not even informed the customers about such an act.

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