Scientists Claim First Star Begin to Shine 560 Million years ago.

Astronomers claim that they have discovered the “oldest light” of the universe. The star begins to shine nearly 100 million years later than previously thought.

The group of researchers created the most accurate map of the “oldest light” in the cosmos.

The recent research rebuffed all the previous researches related to the origin of star. Earlier, researchers proposed that first star of the universe came to life nearly 420 million years after the Big Bang.  However, the new research suggests that stars emerged approximately 560 million years after the universe.

George Efstathiou, the leader of the Planck Science Collaboration states that the difference may sound minute but it has a huge impact on the field of research. It can completely transform the understanding of fundamental events of the solar system.

The scientists noticed the stellar “fossil” in 2009. There were two separate groups of scientists who worked on this issue. The scientists of Planck satellite presented the theory from Big Bang perspective. In comparison, the other group studied the galaxies from “present side”.  It appears as if the outcome of the two researches filled the gaps.

The latest evaluation is grounded on the ancient light of the Earth known as Cosmic Microwave Background (CBM). The radiation is regarded as the light that was released after the Big Bang.  The CBM contains a wide collections of secrets related to the origin of universe.

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