Study Says: HPV Vaccine Does Not Encourage Unsafe Sex in Youngsters


A latest research proves that HPV vaccine does not encourage unprotected in sex youngsters and teenagers .

Researchers closely analyzed records of nearly 21,000 vaccinated women and 180,000 unvaccinated women. The main objective was to determine if the rates of sexual infections are greater in vaccinated people as compared to the other one.

The outcome of the study reveals that both groups have equal proportion of sexually transmitted infections.  It indicates that any form of HPV vaccine does not increases the risk of unsafe sex practices in teenagers.  However, the consecutive three dose of HPV vaccine reduce the chances of cancer associated virus up to 82 percent.  These infections are mostly transmitted from one person to another through skin contact.

Anumpam Jena, the lead author of the research discussed the study in detail. She informs that rates of unsafe sex are one of the major concerns of researchers. Thus, experts cannot completely set aside the research without any strong scientific evidences.

As per the latest report of Centre of Disease Control and Prevention, HPV vaccine was introduced in 2006.  Unfortunately, only 57 percent female teenagers got one dose of vaccine. In comparison, 38 percent of male teens got all three dosages in 2013. The rate is relatively lower as compared to the other prescribed vaccines of the United States.

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