Twitter: iOS 8 is the Reason Behind Slow User Growth in Q4


Yesterday, Twitter released its fourth quarter earnings. Unfortunately, the firm failed to fulfill the expectations of Wall Street regarding users’ growth.

The San Francisco based company showed an addition of merely 4 million users. The figures are much lower as compared to the predictions of analysts and the report of 2013.

In a recent conference, Dick Costello revealed the reasons behind the slower user growth of the company.  The CEO of Twitter informs that iOS 8 is the major cause of the slower than expected growth. The firm lost nearly 4 million users due to the new software update.

The majority of the active users used to connect to twitter through Safari browser. However, the latest software update of Apple came with numerous bugs and changes. The bugs made it difficult for the users to get access to their accounts.  Hence, Apple instantly released a minor update to fix the bug but in vain.  It had already affected the accounts of nearly 4 million active users of Twitter. These users were unable to get back their passwords due to an encryption of iOS 8.

Currently, Twitter has approximately 288 million users. Thus, it appears foolish that company accuses Apple for such a small number of users. However, the biggest question is that if apple had not changed the settings of Safari, then Twitter’s fourth quarter report would be different or not?

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