Update: Space X to Re-Launch ‘DSCOVR’ on 9th of February


Space X aborted the launch of long waited deep-space observatory due to failure of radar tracking system.

The radar issues of the rocket compelled space X to stop its countdown three minutes before the launch. However, the next attempt is scheduled for 6:07 p.m EST on 9th February from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.

John Insprucker, product manager at Space X talked about the importance of radar system. He notifies that radar plays an integral role in the safety of the rocket. It makes certain that rocket stays on the right path during the entire course. It allows mission scientists utilize it to follow the rockets in flights. Additionally, it allows scientists to destroy the boosters in case of emergency.

The chief goal of Space X is to launch a government Deep Space Climate Observatory.  The spacecraft will closely monitor the variation of the solar winds.  The new mission will help scientists in accurate predictions of outburst of solar winds.  Weather authorities would be able to effortlessly observe minor and major changes of ozone, dust and volcanic ash and cloud height with the help of new program.

However, minor objective of the mission is to land booster on an ocean platform

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