Extensive Iceland Study Reveals New Link Between Gene and Diseases

genome of the entire Iceland

Researchers at Decode Genetics from Iceland carried out a distinctive DNA study.  They formed the biggest and the most complex genetic map of a population.

In the research, they considered a single nation as participants and country as a laboratory.  They discovered several new gene mutations during the study. The majority of these mutations can be utilized in the treatment of lethal diseases.

Kari Stefansson, CEO of decode, talked about the study. He states that the new research revealed numerous genetic mutation that are linked to diseases such as thyroid disorders and liver diseases.

Experts arranged genomes of around 2,636 people of Iceland. They measured the genetics of approximately 101,584 people through genealogical records and other genetic data.  However, the unit of a drug firm hid the medical records of all the participants.

In the end of the analysis, researchers discovered a new variant linked to Alzheimer disease. Additionally, the study verified the variants that usually increase the risk of diabetes, heart diseases, atrail fibrillation.

George Yancopoulous, the lead Scientific Officer of Regerneron, remarks that it is definitely a startling study.  It has proved the significance of such kind of massive analysis.

The three scientific papers long research is available in the Journal Nature.

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