NASA’s Curiosity Rover Discovers Another Ingredient of Life on Mars

Curiosity Rover discovered nitrogen

NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover spotted a new key element of life on Mars.

In 2012, the rover begins to explore the 96 miles wide Gala Crater. Recently, the car-size rover gathered samples from three different location of the crater. The close analysis of sample reveals that oxidized nitrogen compounds are present on the surface of Mars.

The quantity of nitrogen was more than the requirement of a terrestrial life. Normally, terrestrial life needs a fixed amount of nitrogen for the fusion of essential biomolecules.

The lead author of the research wrote that scientists were surprised to see such a massive amount of nitrogen in the samples.

Hence, the group of researchers concluded that the Red Planet was once a habitable planet.  However, mission scientists are trying to determine whether nitrogen molecule was created by life or not. A group of NASA’s researchers believe that the nitrates emerged from non-biological processes such as meteorite and lightning.

According to the recent blog post of NASA, the nitrogen samples are quite ancient

Nitrogen plays a vital role in growth and reproduction in animals. It is considered as one of the essential compound for DNA and RNA.

In the last few months, Mars Curiosity rover has discovered evidence of organic molecules and liquid water. The new findings of nitrogen include another ingredient of life in the list.

The study is printed in the latest edition of Proceedings of the National Academy of Science.

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