72 Years old Blind Woman Undergoes Bionic Surgery

Bionic eye surgery

A 72 years old Japanese woman is the first one who got bionic eye. She went through a four hours long eye transplant Surgery.

The hospital has refused to reveal name and other information related to woman. Doctors only reported that the woman was blind since last two years.

The bionic eye transplant is especially for people who suffer from hereditary eye diseases. It gives vision to blind people.

Dr. Gregg Koame, the main surgeon of the eye transplant, notified that the woman would be able to see different forms of grey through bionic eye. Initially, she will only observe figures entering in the room.

Presently, women’s vision is limited as the treatment is quite new. However, doctors are pretty optimistic that she will see things more clearly after few months. She is recommended to use the new device after two days of the surgery.

Medicare payed all the medical bills of the elderly women. The bionic eye transplant is pretty expensive surgery.  Normally, eye specialists charge $144, 00 for it.

In the surgery, Doctors insert a microelectrode array in the surface of patients’ retina. Afterwards, they attach it to a wireless camera and spectacles.

Dr. Mark Humayan has developed the innovative eye. The device can help thousands of blind people.

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