Antibiotics Dramatically Improve Autism Symptoms in Children

antibiotics and autism

John Rodakis, a molecular biologist, observed considerable improvement in his autistic child after use of antibiotics.

Doctor prescribed a course of amoxicillin to 7 years old son of Rodakis. Shortly after the course,  Rodakis and his wife noticed numerous positive changes in his son’s health.

Rodakis informed that his son started making eye contact. His speed immediately becomes clearer. He showed an unusual level energy level and tried to make minor amendments in his routine. In the past, he used to try his best to avoid all these behaviors.

Hence, Rodakis tried to figure out the reason behind the sudden behavioral changes. He found that the reaction of gut bacteria drug is responsible for these changes.

The discovery compels him to begin his quest for connection between antibiotics and gut bacteria. During his research, he talked to several other parents whose kids were suffering from autism. He realized that he is not the first person to experience such thing. A few parents have also noticed significant improvement in their children’s autism condition after completion of antibiotic courses.

However, some parents notified that antibiotics have worsened the condition of their child.

He also met Richard Frye, the head of the Autism Research Program at Arkansas, for this purpose.  He immediately arranged a scientific conference to determine the connection between autism and antibiotics.

The research of Rodakis is available in detail in Journal Microbial Ecology in Health and Disease.

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