Facebook Expands Messenger to Add More Than 40 Third Party Apps

Facebook and Third Party App Developers

Facebook will soon permit third party app makers to send stuff via Facebook Messenger.

As per the recently surfaced leak, Facebook Messenger is likely to include services of other firms as well. The new partners will present their services in order to make Facebook messenger a better service.  Thus far, the social networking firm has not yet disclosed names of the companies.

Since last eight years, Facebook has been trying to improve its services with the help of developers. It seems like the firm is applying new interactive techniques for this purpose.

There are chances that Facebook will launch similar application for Whatsapp as well.  Indeed, designing something for Whatsapp is a bit difficult task for developers.

In the recent F8 developers Conference, Facebook announced that previously it worked with a few app developers such as JibJab and  Giphy . However, this time functions of services would be slightly different than the previous ones.  There will be more than 40 new apps that will enable users to send items with only a click

For users, it may appear like another way to keep in touch with friends. However, the move will allow businesses to collaborate with Facebook Messenger.

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