For the First Time White House Designs a Policy to Fight Super Bug

New White House antibiotic resistant plan

White House is set to reveal a new strategy to battle against issues related to antibiotic resistance. This is the first time when high officials of health administration have compiled any report with such objective.

The 60 page long plan informs that the U.S Food and Drug Administration have designed new policies to cut back the use of significant antimicrobials for growth promotions.  As per the report, the government agency has also decided to invest a large sum of money for the development of new drugs.

Amanda Jezek, vice president of the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA), remarks that it is the most comprehensive and extensive report.  Since last several years, IDSA has been requesting Congress to increase funds for antibiotic resistance.

The main aim of the report is to dramatically cut the rate of fatal infections and viruses in the next five years. The authorities are required to invest considerable amount in development of new antibiotics and diagnostic equipments.

Moreover, a close eye on the hygienic conditions livestock and hospitals will help in achieving the goal in short time period.

Since last few decades, health professionals have been warning that massive increase in drug resistant bacteria can kill thousands of people. It will soon abolish all the existing medical developments.

White House is expected to release the report on Friday.

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