Samsung Gear VR Headset to Hit Best Buy Stores On Friday

Samsung VR Headset

On 27the March, the Best Bug would start selling the new Samsung Gear VR headset. It is certainly not shocking or noteworthy news for many of you. However, this time Best Buy has decided to sell Samsung VR headset at 100 different locations.

The online retailer will put up VR headset for sale at its retail stores as well.  The majority of these stores have a VR demo station that allows potential buyers to feel an entirely new experience before Friday.

As per the latest blog on Samsung website, Best Buy will sell Gear VR Innovator edition of Samsung VR Headset. The South Korean firm has powered the device with Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Hence, it is essential to have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to run the VR Head set.

Normally, the sale and purchase of the Samsung Gear VR Headset is considered as an easy task. However, it is certainly a big deal for Samsung. Up till now, the firm has not sold the device for shop keepers and retail stores.

A large number of people feel unsafe to buy products from online retailers. They believe in testing the new product before purchasing it. Thus, there are chances that people who are pretty excited to buy the device, would change their decision after trial.

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