Antibiotics Significantly Subside Autism Symptoms in Children

Autism Treatment

John Rodakis, father of a seven years old child, found a strong connection between autism and antibiotics.

Rodakis, a molecular biologist, witnessed dramatic improvement in the autism’s symptoms of his child.

Doctors prescribed a short course of amoxicillin to Rodakis’s son. During the course of antibiotic, he noticed considerable changes in his son’s behavior.

He gladly expressed that his son was able to make eye contact. There was a substantial improvement in his speech development. Besides these changes, parents were surprised with his energy level. They had never seen such kind of behavior of their child.

Rodakis has explained all these startling incidents in the Journal Microbial Ecology in Health and Diseases. He reported that his primary aim was to figure out the reason behind dramatic changes in his son.

In the beginning of the study, Rodakis realized that there are numerous other parents who experience similar changes after use of antibiotics. In comparison, a few parents notified that symptoms of autism worsened in their child because of continuous courses of antibiotics.

Therefore, he clearly states that he is uncertain whether antibiotics can be used to treat autism or not. However, one thing is evident that antibiotics greatly disrupt the growth of gut bacteria. Gut Bacteria plays a vital role in development of autism.

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