Google Hires Ruth Porat at $70 Million Salary Package

Google CFO Ruth Porat

Google will pay around 70 million dollar to its new CFO, Ruth Porat.  Thus far, she is the highest paid CFO of the United States.

On Thursday, SEC filing unveiled that Ruth Porat will get approximately $30 million in first seven months at Google. Although, her net salary would be 650,000 dollars but she will get additional 7,500 dollars to settle in Mountain View headquarter of the company.

Last week, the biggest software developer firm announced that it is hiring Porat of Morgan Stanley.  Shortly after the announcement, news related to Porat’s salary emerged.

The new CFO of Google will replace Patrick Pichette.  Recently, Pichette retired due to a candid memo of work/life balance.

The Google’s salary package is more than the current income of Porat. Presently, she is getting 12 million dollars from Morgan Steley. The amount includes all allowances.

Surprisingly, Port’s salary is more than her previous boss. James Gorman, CEO of Morgan Stanley, was hired at $18million.

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