OSDH Reports First Measles Case in StillWater After 18 Years

measles in Stillwater

The Oklahoma State Department of Health has confirmed the first measles case in Stillwater.

There are chances that other people may be at risk of the highly contagious. As per the latest report of the government health agency, it could take more than two weeks to completely get rid of the fatal disease.

The high officials of the health Department are closely inspecting the case.  The infected patient is a native of the United States.  He travelled from Houston’s George Bush International Airport on United Airlines flight. Hence, there are chances that other passenger may have been exposed to the disease.

He is the spouse of an Oklahoma State University student. The authorities have refused to reveal further details of the carrier.

Dr. Kristy Bradley, State Epidemiologist, said that the infected person is believed to have been contagious aboard that flight to Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City.

Currently, the health department is working with the experts of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on the virus. They requests people to immediately visit the state health division if they observe early symptoms of measles.

For last 18 years, the health authorities have not reported any measles case in the State.

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