Researchers Get a Glimpse into Secret Lives of Wild Pandas

scret life of panda

A research printed in the Journal of Mammalogy sheds light on the secret lives of giant pandas. It reveals that pandas are more social than the previous assumptions of researchers.

Experts from Michigan State University attached GPS collars to five wild pandas. They collared and followed pandas for a long time period of two years.

Afterwards, the movement of three female and one male Pandas was closely examined in the research. The analysis offered some astonishing results related to their behavior and interactions.

It demonstrates that white and black pandas are not as solitary as previously thought. They usually live a really rich and complicated social life.

Since last several years, the government of China completely restricted the GPS tracking of pandas.  They believed that trackers might pose a threat to the endangered species. Therefore, this is the first time when researchers gathered information on their pattern of life.

Vanessa Hull, lead author of the study and a research associate at Michigan State University, talked about the difficulties the team faced during the research. She informs that pandas are one of the indefinable species.  Hence, it was a complex task to observe them in the wild.

According to Hull, the study provided a great opportunity to notice private lives of pandas.

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