Climatologists Claim: Current Climate Change Target Completely Inadequate

Climat Goals

Climatologists warn that government authorities should take strong actions to prevent increase in global warming.  They believe that present aim of 2 degree Celsius will not avert the risk of climate change.

In the research printed in Climate Change Responses, researchers evidently wrote that the 1.5 degree Celsius would be more appropriate target than 2 Degree.

The difference in the recommended and present goal may appear ignorable for layman. However, experts warn that even minor variation can save Earth from major destructions.

Petra Tschakert, climate experts at Penn State University, explained the research in detail. He states that it is essential to follow 1.5 C target instead of 2 degree Celsius. 1.5 degree Celsius can play an integral part in keeping the sea level low. It can easily stop more than 50 percent of the coral reefs all around the globe.  Additionally, it will make certain that a large amount of ice live till summer season.

This is not the first time when any researcher has emphasized on making amendments in climate goals. Earlier, Hans-Otto Portner, a researcher at Alfred Wegener Institute reveals that 0.5 degree can leave a huge impact on the climate. He presented a report on the issue in the annual Lima Conference in 2014.

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