FCC Chairman Optimistic Net Rules Will Beat Court Challenges

Net neutrality orders

Tom Wheeler, chairman of Federal Communication Commission, is pretty optimistic that FCC will withstand the net neutrality challenges in court.

Last week, U.S Telecom Association filed a lawsuit against new net neutrality orders. Some of the major telecommunication companies such as AT&T and Verizon are prominent members of the association. They believe that the newly proposed Open internet regulation will affect the growth of Internet market. It will give more authority to FCC over the internet industry

Additionally, two other broadband Internet providers filed separate lawsuits to avert the implementation of these orders. It seems like the entire internet industry is requesting federal appellate to re-examine the new FCC rules.

Wheeler demonstrates his confidence over net neutrality rules at a speaking session of the Ohio State University.

A group of analyst predicts that the telecommunication association will lose the lawsuit. They believe that it is foolish to challenge the rules even before their final documentation in register. However, there are chances that numerous other Internet service providers will sue FCC in future.

Jose Marquez, founder of LISTA, commented over the FCC court case. He states that FCC‘s recent orders are surely pointless and questionable.

In 2014, Federal court completely snubbed open internet rules of FCC.  The court argued that the commission was trying to treat carries like rest of the telephone companies.

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