NASA Postpones Mars Mission For An Incredible Asteroid Mission.

NASA's ARM mission

Astronomers have been eagerly waiting for NASA’s Mars mission since last several years.  It has become one of the biggest objectives of the U.S space agency.

Recently, NASA has come up with an incredible asteroid mission.  The government space agency has decided to carry out asteroid mission before the Mars mission.

The Asteroid Redirect Mission (ARM) is a part of Asteroid initiatives.  The chief aim was to test new techniques and technologies for the future NASA missions. In this mission, NASA intends to take a boulder from the nearest asteroid.  Afterwards, astronauts will place the boulder in an orbit around the moon.

Robert Lightfoot, an associate at NASA, talked about the benefits of the mission. He reported that the mission will offer initial demonstration of numerous abilities of spaceflight. The mission will provide significant details for future human missions. It will probably open a new epoch of spaceflight.

As per the latest NASA reports, Itokwa, Bennu and 2008 EVs are the three major options for the asteroid mission. The government agency is currently working to figure out which one would be the most suitable asteroid. The decision will depend upon the size, rotation and shape of asteroid.

The U.S space agency has planned to lift off ARM in the end of 2020. The spacecraft will probably take six years to place asteroid into moon’s orbit.

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