Regular Coffee Intake Significantly Cut Liver Cancer Risk in Drinkers

Coffee and liver cancer

A startling research found a strong connection between coffee and liver cancer.

Coffee contains numerous cancer-fighting compounds such as caffeine and antioxidants.  These compounds can easily fight with some fatal diseases such as heart diseases, memory related issues and mood swings.

Researchers from the World Cancer Research Fund International along with experts of American Institute for Cancer Research Continuous Update Project carried out for the study. They examined approximately 34 different data analysis from all around the world. The extensive data included exercise, diet and life pattern of nearly 8.2 million people. The outcome of the study reveals that three cups of coffee can significantly cut the risk of liver cancer in heavy drinkers.

Dr. Anne McTiernan, an epidemiologist at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, discussed the result of the research in detail. She reported that the latest study evidently shows that certain amount of coffee can cut the chances of liver cancer up to 20 percent.

A recent report from World Health Organization informed that liver cancer is the second most common type of cancer. Every year, around 746,000 people die from the diseases.

The study entitles as Diet, Nutrition, Physical Activity and Liver cancer is a part of “Continuous Update Project”.

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