Weight Loss Surgery Beneficial for Asthma and Joint Replacement Surgeries.

weight loss surgery

Generally, health professionals recommend bariatric surgery to severely overweight people.

However, a latest study sheds light on additional advantages of the weight loss surgery. It suggests that weight loss surgery performed ahead of the knee replacement surgery is good for the other surgery. Furthermore, it also reduces the risk of serious asthma conditions.

Dr. Emily Dodwell, main author of the report, discussed the entire research in detail.  She informs that experts observed the progress of obese patients who were advised to go through Knee or hip replacement surgery.

Researchers from Hospital of Special Surgery in New York City divided the patients into two different groups.  The first group was the one who underwent weight loss surgery before joint replacement. In comparison, the second group included patients without any surgery. Startlingly, the research demonstrates that patients who went through bariatric surgery showed faster recovery than the other ones.

Earlier, doctors were only aware that weight loss surgery is useful to fight against morbid obesity. However, this is the first time when any study found effectiveness of bariatric surgery on replacement surgeries.

Furthermore, the report divulges the strong connection of weight loss surgery with acute asthma. Bariatric surgery can dramatically lowers the hazards of asthma for two years.

The research presented at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons

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