Glow-In- the-Dark Tampons Detect Leaking Sewage in Rivers

innovative tampon process

Environmentalists have decided to solve untreated sewage issue of UK with glowing tampons.

Sewage pipelines in around 2 million Britain homes are wrongly connected to streams. Hence, the waste water of homes is released into fresh water river.  The polluted water poses a big threat to marine life.

Therefore, researchers decided to design a new method to fight with the problem. They decided to check sewage pipelines of homes through tampon process.

Most of the tampons are composed of natural, untreated cotton. Thus, it can easily absorb a class of compound known as optical brighteners.  The chemical compel fiber to glow in the ultraviolent lights. Numerous household items are made up of optical brightening compound.  It is usually added to make things brighter and whiter.

The entire process is described in detail in the Water and Environment Journal. Initially, environmental engineers will dip tampons in to a river for three days. The ultraviolent light of the cotton will detect presence of untreated sewage water. Afterwards, researchers will follow the water to find out the homes. It is certainly a bit time consuming, complex but an inexpensive process.

David Nicholas Lerner, an Engineer at University of Sheffield, reported that the new technique turned out pretty effective.

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