Polio-Like Paralysis Cases Linked to New Respiratory Virus

respiratory virus and paralysis

A new medical research reveals that a common respiratory virus can paralyze children for life.

Recently, researchers of University of California claim that they have discovered genetic signature of polio-like virus. The virus, dubbed as enterovirus, has infected around 115 children in 34 different states of the United States.

Experts analyzed majority of the enterovirus cases of last three years. They observed that most of the the participants showed inflammation in spinal cord after the upper respiratory infection.  The severe swelling is considered as one of the major cause of paralysis.

The close analysis of data reveals the mutation of new virus outbreak resembles to polio virus genome. Additionally, researchers found that  deadly paralysis is linked to severe respiratory outbreak. The respiratory virus surfaced nearly four and a half years ago.

Charles Chiu, an associated professor of laboratory Medicine, explained the result of the study in detail. He informs that the virus is not completely responsible for emergence of enterovirus. The biology of patients also plays a vital role in the diseases.

The research printed in Journal Lancet Infectious Diseases states that it is too early to say something with surety. Indeed, the study offers strongest evidence regarding the connection of enterovirus D68 and paralysis. However, further analysis is still needed to confirm the findings of the recent research.

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