China Intends to Double Number of Doctors to Improve Healthcare

Shortage of Doctors in China

China intends to double the number of general doctors till the end of 2020. The primary objective is to improve condition of National Health Care system.

The healthcare industry of China is developing with a high speed. It is considered as the most appealing market for global drug manufacturers.

It seems like all the cornered health authorities are ready to take advantage of the recent $1 trillion healthcare bill.

Recently, the State council of China states that healthcare resources are poor in terms of quality. They are not enough to provide good health services to public. The entire structure is arranged improperly.

Therefore, the road map sets new targets for healthcare professionals of the country.  Hence, the government is planning to utilize latest technology like cloud system and mobile devices to fulfill the requirements of roadmap. The high health officials are pretty optimistic that the move will give boost to health and tech industries.

Additionally, the government health agency intends to electronically save medical history of the entire population by 2020

Presently, there is a shortage of doctors in China due to their low salary packages.  It has affected the relationship of doctors and patients especially in urban areas.

The availability of inexpensive healthcare services has become one of the top most priorities of President of China.  Sadly, sudden increase in corruption has affected government plans.

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