Glowing Tampon Can Detect Highly Polluted Water

tampons for water pollution

People usually believe that tampons are feminine hygiene product. Surprisingly, a group of environmentalists claim that tampons can be used to detect polluted river and streams as well.

The sewage lines of numerous homes of Britain are inappropriately connected. They drop a large amount of polluted water in fresh rivers and streams.  The sewage water posses a big threat to marine creatures.

David Lerner, main author of the report, discussed the condition of sewage lines in UK. He informs that the waste water of millions of homes is mistakenly linked to surface water.  Hence, it releases the contaminated water into river instead of treatment plant.

Researchers from the University of Sheffield tried to handle the sewage issue.   They successfully used tampons for this purpose. They dipped tampons into the river water. Astonishingly, tampons correctly indicate the polluted water present in river. Researchers followed polluted water to particular manholes in order to find homes with mixed up lines.

Tampons are composed of natural, untreated cotton. It instantly observes chemicals known as optical brighteners. The compound allow cotton to glow under UV light for 30 days.

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