Researchers Claim: Polar Bears’ Survival at Risk Due to Melting Ice

Diet of Polar Bears

Climate change is badly affecting human as well as animals. It appears as if every animal has to fight for their survivals.

Recently, an international team of researchers discovered that polar bears forced on land ice would not find enough food to eat. They are compelled to replace their regular diet with land food sources such as berries and bird eggs. The diet cannot compete with their conventional diet in terms of benefits. Generally, polar bears ear seals, walrus, bowhead whale carcasses and beluga whale.

Steve Amstrup, the chief scientists of Polar Bears International, discussed the issue in detail. He informs that the bears will not wait for the ice to refreeze. They will migrate to land if they find sufficient food for them.

The chief problem is that the land food cannot provide them enough nutrition. Bird’s egg is the only food that can offer proper benefits.

Researchers form Washington State University worked together with Polar Bear International for the research. They investigated changes in the eating habits of polar bear of Western Hudson Bay.

The primary objective of the research was to challenge current media reports and researches. In last few years, some studies suggested that land food can increase survival chances of the specie.

The research is explained in detail in Journal Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment.

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