Researchers Claim: Texas’s Winds Contain Drug-Resistant Airborne Bacteria

antibiotic resistant bacteria

A latest research reveals that the antibiotic resistant bacteria of American cattle yards have become airborne. It can easily spread through air all around the country.

In the beginning of March, a group of health experts claimed that the cattle yard bacteria can be carried through air.

Hence, a team of researchers from Texas Tech University performed an extensive study to confirm the previous research. They accumulated samples of drug resistant bacteria and antibiotic resistant bacteria. The samples were gathered form 10 different commercial cattle yard located at Lubbouck.

Surprisingly, the team observed that  wind of cattle yards is completely  filled with antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Astonishingly, the number of bacteria in air is much greater than their expectations.

Lead author of the research informs that this is the first time when any study has quantified drug-resistant gene.

The study expected to be printed in the next edition of Environmental Health Perspectives shows that cows discharge antibodies in air through excretion. Afterwards, bacteria go through natural selection as soon as it enters into atmosphere

Greg Mayer, co-author of the study, comments that he is afraid to even breathe in open air after the new discovery

Spokesperson from Texas Cattle industry severely criticized the research.

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