Comcast to Roll Out Ultra-Fast Internet Service in Atlanta


Comcast, cable service provider, has decided to roll out 2Gpbs fiber service. The service is expected to touch homes of Atlanta in the month of May.

The firm has not yet revealed the cost of fast speed fiber service. However, analysts believe that it would be cheaper than the current service of Comcast. The 505 Mbps service is available at a cost of $400 per month.

Comcast has planned to launch the service all over the country in 2016.  It seems like the cable company intends to beat Google services with its fast speed. The 2 GB speed per second is nearly double the fastest service of Google.  It is even 80 times faster than the current broadband plan of Comcast.

In a recent blog post, Comcast announced that it will offer the service to 1.5 million subscriber of Atlanta.  It has planned to release the service to 18 million homes till the end of 2016. However, the services would be available for people living within a third of a mile from its fiber branches.

People live far away from its branches have to take advantages from conventional coaxial cable and Google.

Up till now, Comcast has placed around 145,000 miles of fiber network. The firm is set to control the coverage to offer fiber services to its subscribers.

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