Exploding Head Syndrome Extremely Common Among Teenagers

Exploding head syndrome

A startling survey from Washington State University found that around one in every five people suffers from exploding head syndrome. The sleep disorder is much more common than previously thought.

Exploding head syndrome is psychological condition in which a person experience loud bang noises that originates from inside the head. These noises are completely unrelated to any external factor. Even though the noises are painless, but it gives birth to severe anxiety. The condition usually takes place before or during sleep.

Brian Sharpless, director of psychological clinic of Washington State University, initiated the research. He discovered that the statistics were impracticable with restricted groundwork.

Sharpless states that he was not convinced that the syndrome only attack people above 50.  Thus, he decided to begin a new research on the subject.

Sharpless along with his colleagues interviewed around 211 undergraduates regarding the symptoms. They observed that the sleep disorder does not cause any lasting harm. However, it gives birth to extreme fear and stress in approximately 2 percent people

In Addition, research team found that one in every five people suffers from head exploding syndrome at some point in their lives.

In the study printed in Journal of Sleep Research, researchers noticed that fear makes it worse.

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