NASA’s Hubble Identifies Mysterious “Ghosts” of Green Quasar

Ghost of green quasar

NASA’s Hubble Telescope has captured some remarkable images of glowing green “ghosts” of quasars.

Quasars are the most distant objects that release massive amount of energy. Even sun cannot compete with them in terms of energy. Enormous black holes that consume gas from its surroundings emit energy. Black holes are located at the center of galaxies.

The space telescope snapped pictures from eight different galaxies that were once active and illuminated.  Ultraviolent radiations blasts of quasars were liable to light them up. The lights indicate that the galaxies used to emit a large amount of energy.

Bill Keel, an astronomer from University of Alabama, reported that these galaxies are of dissimilar pattern.  However, they are not responsible for mysterious green quasars.

Thus far, scientists have come up with only one possible clarification those quasar co-orbit black holes that leave an enormous impact on quasar’s brightness.  They alter the brightness level of the quasar.

The green filaments are a result of amalgamation of two galaxies. They begin to orbit their host galaxies shortly after the fusion process.

Even the glowing clouds require radiation to illuminate. The green glow is a part of the process known as photonization. In this process, atoms of oxygen present in cosmic cloud absorb energy to produce an explosion from a quasar.

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