CDC Report: Prepackaged Food Contain Excessive Amount of Salt


As per the recent publication of Center for Disease Control and Prevention, most of the packaged food contain excessive amount of salt.

Previously, a research printed in New England Journal of Medicine sheds light on affect of sodium on the body. It reveals that salt speedily increase the level of blood pressure. Everyone is aware of the fact that high blood pressure is linked to numerous deadly disease such as heart strokes, kidney disease and urine infection. Around 1.6 million cardiovascular deaths occur due to high consumption of salt.

An average human consumes 3.6 grams of salt per day. The rate is nearly 80 percent higher than the requirement of human body. In the “Dietary Guidelines for Americans”, health experts recommend that 2.3 grams of salt daily.

Recently, a group of CDC researchers accumulated data of 52 different store products.  The data included grocery stores from three different states.

The close analysis reveals that 70 percent of packaged foods contain “unhealthy” amount of sodium. Some of the commonly used foods are pizza, meat mixed disease, and pasta mixed dishes

Linda Schieb, an epidemiologist at the Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Department, talked about the research. She states that restaurants and processed meals are responsible for most of our sodium consumptions. Thus, people should thoroughly read labels before purchasing food from stores.

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