Hubble Telescope Discovers Mysterious Green Objects Near Dead Quasars

eight distant galaxies

On Thursday, NASA announced that Hubble Space Telescope has captured incredible images of thin, green objects. Astronomers detected them as young “ghosts” of quasars.

As per NASA report, Quasars are extremely distant objects of the universe. It emits massive amount of energy and light that cannot compete with sun.

Astronomers speculate that the powerful ultraviolent radiations illuminate these phantom structures. Super massive black holes, that are located at the center of galaxy, are responsible for these powerful rays.  Close analysis of radiations reveal that these galaxies were once active and illuminated.

Bill Keel, lead author of the paper and researchers at University of Alabama, discussed the research in detail. He informs that these quasars indicate towards an incident that happened in the past.  The bright filaments show that the quasars used to emit more energy.

Astronomers notify that there are chances that quasars move around the black holes. The brightness of quasar behaves like a cosmic dimmer switch as they circle.

Furthermore, researchers believe that a process called photoionization is liable for the green light.  It compels oxygen atoms to absorb energy form the quasar and released it in the form of light.  Rest of the compounds present in filaments are sulfur, nitrogen, helium and hydrogen.

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