CDC Warns: 80% Packaged Foods Contain Unhealthy Amount of Salt

Salt in packaged food

Recently, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a warning regarding the amount of salt in packaged and processed food.

The US health agency reported that most of the prepackaged food at grocery store contain unhealthy amount of salt.

A few months ago, a study printed in The England Journal of Medicine discussed the disadvantages of salt. It stated that high consumption of salt ascends up the chances of early death.  It instantly increases level of blood pressure that leads to fatal disease such as heart strokes, kidney stones, stomach cancer, obesity and osteoporosis.

As per the “Dietary Guidelines for Americans”, a person should take 2,300 milligrams salt daily. In comparison, majority of Americans consumes 3,500 milligrams of sodium every day.

Health experts at CDC openly blame food producers for using large amount of salt in their products.  They believe that food companies are intentionally disobeying the dietary guidelines.

Therefore, it is recommended that customers should read product labels before purchasing.  More than 70 percent of food such as pasta, mixed dishes and pizza contain high amount of salt.

Linda Schieb, an epidemiologist in Department of heart and stroke prevention, discussed the survey. She notifies that most of the packaged food products exceed the FDA healthy food label guidelines.

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