Hubble Telescope Captures Remarkable Images of Eight Green Clouds

eight green clouds

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope has snapped remarkable images of eight green space clouds. The massive gas clouds are located thousands of light years away from Earth,

Quasars are the most distant and luminous object of the universe. It emits massive amount of energy that can even compete with sun. The powerful rays of energy are responsible for the light of these clouds.  These clouds are situated tens of thousands light years away from sun. Hence, it takes several years for rays of quasars to reach the clouds.

As per the latest blog post of ESA, the space telescope has observed the light years after quasars emitted them.

Scientists of European Space Agency worked together with NASA on this project. They inform that quasars glow these clouds through photoionization process. It absorbs numerous compounds from quasars to re-emit the light. Some of the prominent compounds are helium, nitrogen, sulphur, oxygen and neon.

Photoinozaition is a process through which once luminous filaments re-glow with quasar’s energy,

Bill Keel, a researcher from the University of Alabama, discussed the research in detail. He notifies that it is too early to say that quasars are liable for the green gas clouds. It simply indicates that quasars are speedily changing its traits.

Hanny Van Arkel, a school teacher, was the first one to spot the mysterious green clouds.

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