Publication Of Net Neutrality Rules : FCC Closer to Victory

publication of net neutrality orders

The net neutrality rules are scheduled to publish in Federal Register on Monday. The publication is an evident sign that Federal Communication Commission is closer to victory.

Net neutrality refers to the notion in which all content will be treated equally.   It will forbid providers to manipulate internet access for their own benefits.

In February, FCC approved the rules after long opposition of Internet service providers. The new regulations will give more authority to FCC over the internet industry. It will prohibit broadband service providers to slow down or speed up internet speed.

Maura Corbett, founder of the Glen Echo Group, remarks that the debate over rules was going since last several months.

United States Telecom Association has filed a lawsuit against new net neutrality orders. Afterwards, numerous other internet service firms such as Alamo broadband sued FCC for new regulation.

Micheal O’Rielly, FCC Commissioner and opponent of net neutrality orders, talked about the issue. He remarks that opponents are not against the idea of an open internet. They are only worried that so much restriction will affect the growth of internet industry.

However, federal court completely rejected these cases as they were filed before time.  According to the rules of federal government, laws can only be challenged after their publication.

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