Samsung Reportedly Paid Fans to Attend Galaxy S6 Event

Paid fans at Samsung Launch event

It seems like Samsung has become a bit desperate to grab the attention of people.

As per a latest media report, Samsung has paid more than 500 people to attend its launch event. Last week, the firm unveiled Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge in an event.  Around one thousand people took part in it. If the news turns out true, then almost half of people were fake fans.

A person familiar with the matter informs that Samsung paid around $4.20 to each fan for the Galaxy S6 launch event. The company requested fake fans to dress like a college student. Additionally, they were asked to praise the device in interviews.

Sadly, the fake fans forgot to keep their iPhones at home. A few local channels mention that Samsung fans had iPhone in their hands.  It is indeed a surprising thing.

In a recent note, the South Korean firm has clearly denied that it had paid people to pretend as fans. It stated that the company has not hired or gave money to attend any event.

Last year, Samsung failed to show a remarkable performance especially in China. The iPhone maker has taken most of the market shares of the country.  The shares of Cupertino-based firm climbed up to 27.6 percent in 2014.

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