Study Finds: Urban Ants Love to Eat Junk Food

ants love Junk Food

Researchers from North Caroline University discovered that a specific specie of ant love to eat junk food.

The group of researchers was curious why some ant species prefer to live with humans others in less urban environment.

Clint Penick, a postdoctoral researcher at North Caroline State University, reveals significant details about the research. He informs that the study sheds light on a species that are responsible to clean trash.

The team gathered around one hundred ant samples from different locations such as parks, streets and sidewalks. Around 21 species of ants were included in these samples. Afterwards, researchers closely analyzed bodies of these ants to detect levels of isotopes: Carbon-13. The compound is present in almost every common food item.

At the end of the study, researchers concluded that pavement ant contain highest level of isotopes.  In comparison, the lowest level of Carbon-13 was found in ants that live in parks.

Pavement ants are speedily adapting humans’ chemistry through their food. They are commonly found in cracks in driveways, medians, under sidewalks, under bricks and stones.

Additionally, researchers figured out that Lasius emarginatus ants turn their antenna up while eating human food.  These ants have been living in New York City since last five years.

The research is explained in detail in the Journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

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