Study Says: Coffee Consumption Significantly Cut Skin Cancer Risk.

Coffee and skin cancer

A latest health research divulges that coffee can cut the risk of malignant melanoma up to 20 percent.

Melanoma is the most serious type of skin cancer. The most prominent sign of melanoma is change in color, shape and size of mole. Rest of the symptoms are sores, lumps, markings and blemishes. Since last several years, researchers have been trying to determine the cause of the disease but in vain

Recently, health researchers accumulated data of more than 447, 00 men. All the participants were included in the NIH-AARP Diet and Health Study as well.

They observed that people who consumed four cups of coffee daily reduces risk of the fatal disease.  The high amount of caffeine present in coffee produces a protective layer against melanoma. The more coffee a person drinks, more protection from skin cancer he creates.

Stephen Hursting, researcher at the University of North Caroline Chapel Hill, discusses the study. He reported that coffee fight against liver enzymes that generate carcinogens. Hence, the study verifies that there is an association between liver cancer and coffee

As per the report printed in the Journal of National Cancer Institute, the current study is only applicable to Americans. Hence, further analysis is needed to confirm the research.

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