Researchers Claim: PET Scan Can Identify Traumatic Brain Disease

PET scan can detect C.T.E

A new study proposes that a brain-scanning technique might permit doctors to detect brain diseases caused because of head trauma. Nowadays, the disease can only be identified through autopsy.

The brain disease, known as Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, is a progressive degenerative disease. It mostly affects professional athletes such as football players or boxers. Some of the prominent symptoms of CTE are memory loss, impaired judgment, impulse control, depression, anxiety, confusion and dementia. The symptoms usually emerge years or decades after last brain trauma. Since last several decades, health experts have been trying hard to find any treatment for the disease but in vain.

A team of researchers from University of California closely examined PET scans. The scans belong to fourteen retired NFL Players who were at risk of C.T.E. Surprisingly, the scan detected an abnormal protein that is responsible for generating pain and negative emotions in players.

In the end, researchers concluded that PTE scan effortlessly identify condition of C.T.E.

Dr. Julian Bailes, head of neurosurgery at NorthShore Neurological Institute, discussed the research. He reported that researchers observed an entirely new pattern. The pattern was pretty different from normal types of dementia.

The research is printed in detail in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

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