Survey Reveals: West Virginia, North Dakota and Wyoming Least Concerned about Climate Change

Ameicans view on Global warming

A startling research reveals that climate change perception of people depends upon the region they live in.

The survey printed in Nature Climate Change shows that Washington D.C is more concerned about global warming than other states.

In 2013, researchers from Yale University worked together with experts of Utah State University for an extensive study. In the study, experts asked American numerous questions regarding the global warming issue.  People from 435 Congressional districts participated in the survey. Afterwards, the entire data was arranged in the form of map.

The close analysis of the data found that 52 percent of residents of Washington D.C are worried about global warming. In contrasts, 38 percent inhabitants of Pickett County say they are a bit concerned about the issues. However, people of New England, New Hemisphere and Tennessee were least fearful about man-made climate changes.

Anthony Leiserowitz, a researcher at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, discussed the map. He says that state and local American society are trying hard to cut carbon emission. In comparison, high officials and politicians do not know much about climate change.

In addition, a large number of people believe that the government must assign more funds for climate change.

The map and detailed study is available on the Website of Yale University.

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